WEEK NINE: Peer Marking


This week, my previous blog entries were marked by two of my peers. You can see the marked rubrics by clicking on the images below. For me, the most useful aspects this week included the comments I received about my spelling and grammar, lack of referencing, the attractive blog layout and how I showed evidence of engaging with course content. Having read the comments from my peers, I agreed with the mark for spelling and grammar and lack of referencing, and appreciated the feedback about the pleasing layout.

In response to my marks, before peer marking I had planned to add in references, but did not feel a sense of immediacy. However, after reading the rubric comments, I immediately added referencing and edited my academic writing. Furthermore, I I was happy to have I received good marks for engaging with course content and subsequently felt motivated to edit and add to my blog.

I was delighted with my peer’s positive feedback to the aesthetically pleasing layout of my blog. One of my peers said that after viewing my blog, they were inspired to further develop hers.

Overall, this feedback has been important to me as a student, because I am not yet confident in my skills and abilities with digital technology. However, I do have an attitude that is technology fearless and I am prepared to learn.


Please click on the rubrics to enlarge.

Rubric 1

From Natalie


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