WEEK EIGHT: Lifelong Learning

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Lifelong learning

Having analysed the concept of lifelong learning this week, I can now define it as an ongoing and self-regulated pursuit of knowledge, which helps to continuously develop ones skills and abilities. Howell (2012) suggests that the Internet helps us with our endeavour in lifelong learning. When we surf the Internet for information, we are gaining instantaneous access to worldwide knowledge (p. 13). For me, the most important aspect of digital learning relies on our skills and abilities to critically analyse digital information. If we learn to critically analyse the information we come across, we can learn to determine its credibility. For this reason, the education system is concerned with installing digital fluency within teachers and students.


Global Citizenship

A global citizen is someone who identifies with belonging to a worldwide community, which is made possible by digital communications. Having read about The Global Poverty Project, I now realise that global citizens share a responsibility and concern toward what is happening to their world. As a pre-service teacher, I will ensure to use technology so that my students are informed about what is happening to their planet. For example, if my students have questions, they will be encouraged to collaborate in using digital information in pursuit of knowledge.

Below is my 3:15 minute YouTube presentation about The Global Poverty Project.


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